Instructor Development (ID) is a required course for NSP patrollers that have an interest in becoming an Instructor in the NSP organization. A patroller that wants to become an instructor in Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), Skiing & Toboggan (S&T), Skier Enhancement, Toboggan Instruction, or Mountain Travel and Rescue (MTR) must first take Instructor Development. ID can also be taken as a Senior Elective for those patrollers that are not sure about becoming instructors, but want to learn more about the program and get an elective in the process.


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EMARI Region The goal of the OEC Module of the Senior Program is to expand and improve the knowledge and skills of NSP members relating to handling complex situations involving decision making, problem management, and leadership. The program also prepares patrollers for leadership roles within the NSP. If you are interested in working to become a stronger, more confident patroller you should consider this program. The program is designed to help you build upon your skills related to; problem and patient assessment, resource management, OEC skills and transportation considerations, and finally leadership in terms of communication skills, the ability to direct others and confidence.

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What is a Nordic patroller? We’re the folks at the OEC refreshers with the large packs holding everything from saws and shovels to duct tape, tools, bivy sacks and a First Aid equipment than those little fanny packs. During the season, Nordic patrollers also provide skier safety and equipment services at ski touring centers, state parks, and forests, on organized ski tours, at special events and just about anywhere there’s snow.

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The S&T/OET Program provides active NSP members with alpine training for skiing, riding, telemark and toboggan handling skills.

Alpine Senior OET Patrollers interested in becoming candidates in the Alpine Senior S&T/OET program begin by attending an information meeting and bringing a completed Eastern Division Senior Candidate Application (download application) signed by their Patrol Director who verifies that the applicant has sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to participate in senior level training. The application is reviewed for acceptance by the regional program advisor (EMARI; Tracy Dowd).

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