The goal of the OEC Module of the Senior Program is to expand and improve the
knowledge and skills of NSP members relating to handling complex situations
involving decision making, problem management, and leadership. The program
also prepares patrollers for leadership roles within the NSP.
If you are interested in working to become a stronger, more confident patroller
you should consider this program. The program is designed to help you build
upon your skills related to; problem and patient assessment, resource
management, OEC skills and transportation considerations, and finally leadership
in terms of communication skills, the ability to direct others and confidence.
This year the program’s Kick
-off and Skills Test will be on Saturday, November
3rd, at CMEMSC. The program will conclude in the beginning of January with a
number of clinics in between to help build your skills and prepare for the final
exam. Below is the schedule for this year’s program –
● Kick-off/Skills Test -Saturday, November 3rd (9AM-3:30PM) CMEMSC, 321
Holden St. Holden,MA
● Skills Re-Test Saturday November 10th Nashoba Valley
( all skills must be signed off by the end of this day to move forward with
the program ) 9am-3:30pm
● 1st Clinic: Sunday November 18th Blue Hills Ski Area 9am-3:30 pm
● 2nd Clinic: Saturday December 1st Wachusett Mtn 9am-3:30
● 3rd Clinic: Sunday December 9th Blue Hills Ski Area 9am-3:30pm
● 4th Clinic: Saturday December 15th Wachusett Mtn 9am-3:30pm
● 5th Clinic: Sunday January 6th Nashoba Valley 9am-3:30pm
● Final Evaluation – Saturday January 12th Nashoba Valley

Any changes or updates to the schedule will be communicated well in advance of the
dates listed above.

The Kick-off/Skills Test, on November 3rd, will include a complete overview of the
program and the requirements for completing the program. Candidates should be
reviewing the skill sheets pertaining to the Skills Testing Stations.

  • Patient assessment and vital signs
  • Oxygen administration, airway adjunct use and suctioning
  • Bleeding control and bandaging ( Steps to control Bleeding)
  • Fracture management
    • 1. Management near a joint ( Elbow )
    • 2. Alignment of angulated fractures ( Humerus )
    • 3. Open fracture management ( Radius/Ulna )
    • 4. Long bone management ( Tib/Fib)
    • 5. Traction splinting ( Midshaft Femur )
  • Spinal immobilization ( Traditional Backboard )
  • Lifting techniques ( Power grip & Power lift, Shoulder drag, Bridge lift )
  • Medical emergencies ( Allergic Reaction, Diabetic )
If you plan to attend the kick-off and move forward in the program please come
prepared to demonstrate your proficiency in the above skills.
As mentioned above the OEC Module of the Senior Program is a great way to
strengthen your skills and build your confidence/leadership skills. It’s also a
great way to meet some new people and have fun.
If you plan to attend the Kick
-off/Skills Test please send an email to me at –
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please include your name, cell phone number and the
mountain that you patrol.
if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me by email or cell –
Thank you – Josh Tamulen, Senior Training Coordinator (EMARI).