This NSP MTR-C Program is a one-day CLINIC reviewing the basics of Knots and Anchors commonly used in the backcountry as well as Emergency Rescue Techniques (low angle rescue) to Women NSP members and non-members.   The day will begin with indoor classroom work reviewing knots and anchors and setting up low angle rescue setups.  We will then take these skills into the field in the afternoon while performing backcountry travel practices.    This is a “part one” of two Women’s programs for the NH NSP Region for 2018.     This course is offered to both Women NSP and Non-NSP members to enhance their knowledge of Rope work and Low Angle Rescue techniques along with safe travel practices in the back country.   Since knots, anchors and low angle rescue are “perishable” skills; this course is considered an introduction to these skills with experienced instructors in a safe, fun and comfortable environment.     
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