What is Certified?
The Certified Program is a test of your patrolling capabilities and knowledge base. It is a unique opportunity to learn from others, to broaden your experience and sharpen your skills. Through a series of specific steps, a Certified Candidate is reviewed and qualified to participate in the annual Certified Test. The Certified Test is an intensive 3-day event that tests all aspects of a candidate's patrolling skills.

The steps to joining the Certified Program

The process by which a patroller may enter into the Certified Program is as follows.

If you are applying through the National Ski Patrol

¨ Fill out the "NSP Education Program Certified Candidate/Recertification Application"
¨ Complete and submit the following essay questions:
1) Why do you want to a Certified Patroller?
2) What do you expect to gain from the Certified Program?
3) What benefits can the Certified Program and the NSP expect to gain from your participation?
4) Do you participate in training Patrol or Senior Candidates? What do you contribute to your patrol beyond your required shifts? Are you involved in Lift Evacuation training, CPR training, OEC training, etc?
5) Do you have aspirations to assume a leadership position in your patrol, the region or division
6) How does your professional career benefit from your patrol activities or how do your patrol activities benefit from your professional career?
¨ Provide two (2) letters of recommendation from Certified Patrollers.
(Note: When Certified members compose letters they should be as thorough as possible and should include direct knowledge of the applicant’s abilities and qualifications. The Credentials Committee members rely on the content and extent of the letters when considering accepting the applicant into the program.
¨ Send all of these requirements to: "Credentials Committee Chairperson"
¨ Attend and successfully complete an approved Certified Precourse
If you are applying through the reciprocity agreement between the PSPA (Professional Ski Patrol Association) and National Ski Patrol:
¨ Obtain and fill out: (obtained through the Credentials Committee Chairperson or the PSPA secretary) " Application for Reciprocal Membership"
¨ Provide a letter of recommendation from the current PSPA president attesting to the applicant being a member in good standing.
¨ Provide a letter of introduction outlining what your commitment to the organization you are applying to will be, and how you plan on becoming involved to help us preserve and strengthen the program
¨ Provide a letter of recommendation from your Patrol Director or Supervisor
Send all requirements to: “Credentials Committee Chairperson"
Please Note: The Credentials Committee Chairperson must receive a complete application package at least 30 days in advance of the annual exam.
The Credentials Committee then reviews all applications and recommends or denies entry into the program