The OET Program provides active NSP members with alpine training for skiing, riding, telemark and toboggan handling skills.


Please stay tuned for more information on OET events.  The New Hampshire Region website has details of events dates -

Patroller School

All NSP patrollers are eligible to attend Eastern Division Patroller Schools. Patroller Schools provide skill-specific training on senior-level terrain with the same Trainer Evaluators (T/E’s) used for the Senior OET program. Patroller Schools are open to all skill levels, from Basic to Certified.

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Senior OET

Patrollers interested in becoming candidates in the Senior OET Program begin the season by getting authorization from their patrol director using this form:

Attendees must contact Missi Tamulen prior to attending.

Upcoming NH/EMARI Senior OET events will be published on the calendar at the beginning of December 2019.

Only pre-registered patrollers can attend Senior OET training events. Last-minute attendees, non-patrollers, friends and family members cannot participate in NSP member-only training.

Throughout the season the Senior OET candidate progress is assessed and specific input regarding improvement is provided by Trainer/Evaluators (T/E’s) so that the candidate can qualify to take the OET Senior Evaluation at the end of the season. T/E’s know that learning is progressive, and that it may take a candidate more than one season to become proficient enough to take and pass the OET Senior Evaluation.

Toboggan Refreshers

EMARI region Ski Patrols need to register their local Toboggan Refreshers with NSP now. Toboggan Refreshers are conducted at the start of the season and should include every active member of the patrol. Patrol directors should contact Missi Tamulen for assistance with the process of getting Toboggan Refreshers registered and started.