Instructor Development (ID) is a required course for NSP patrollers that have an interest in becoming an Instructor in the NSP organization. A patroller that wants to become an instructor in Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC), Skiing & Toboggan (S&T), Skier Enhancement, Toboggan Instruction, or Mountain Travel and Rescue (MTR) must first take Instructor Development. ID can also be taken as a Senior Elective for those patrollers that are not sure about becoming instructors, but want to learn more about the program and get an elective in the process.



A desire to learn, have fun, and to become an NSP instructor. You will be expected to read the first fourteen (14) pages of the Instructor Development manual, which will be sent to you when you register.




Instructor Development manuals are included in the cost of this course (see below) and will be mailed directly to your home. In order to receive a manual, you need to contact the lead instructor and register for the course. (see below)




Class will begin promptly at 8:00am; we recommend that you plan on arriving at about 7:45am. Plan on bringing a notebook and a pen or pencil to take notes with. Bring your lunch, something to drink, and a snack or two if you tend to get hungry in the middle of the day. Students should be prepared to work through the lunch period if needed. The class will not go beyond 5:00 pm and will sometimes finish up earlier than scheduled, depending on class participation and group exercises.




The cost of the course through the EMARI region is usually $20 for the course, plus the cost of the ID manual ($19.50), for a total of $39.50. This year, however, EMARI has agreed to pay for the manuals for EMARI patrollers, so your cost will be only $20. Please bring a check made out to NSP: EMARI Region with you to class.




The NSP Instructor Development course is made up of 10 Lessons. These lessons cover topics including Instructional Responsibilities; How Adults Learn; Human Relations and Communications, Instructional Management; Learning Levels; Instructor Resources; Instructional Methods; Evaluation and Ongoing Monitoring; and the Six Pack format for NSP training.


The agenda will be provided the morning of the class. Each lesson, and the agenda for the day, tends to be flexible and dynamic depending on the class, the instructors, and the exercises the instructors decide to include in that day’s lesson.



When completed you will have the basic knowledge to begin building your NSP instructor credentials. Instructor Development is a required course, but is also the only required course, for all of the NSP instructing disciplines.




“Your training has already begun.” (We will explain why we say that when we get together for class.) Please BE SURE to read and review the first 14 pages of the manual before coming to class: We will be moving through them rapidly.




If you would like to register for Instructor Development, please email Bill DeVarney at the address listed below. Be sure to give me your name, your mailing address (the post office kind), the mountain you patrol at, and a phone number where you can be reached. If you are registering late, you may want to order the ID manual directly from the NSP website at www.nsp.org.


As a way of introducing yourself, please tell me why you are interested in taking Instructor Development, and tell me one interesting fact about yourself (that you don’t mind sharing with the other students.).

Questions about the course -- how to register, how to receive manuals, or anything else - can be directed to the EMARI Regional ID Advisor, Kevin Whitney. Thanks, and we hope you can join us – becoming an NSP instructor is a tremendously rewarding experience, and one from which you will get back more than you put in. Honest.

For more information on the Instructor Development Program contact:

Kevin Whitney 
Instructor Developer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.